Lavender Rains #1

It was a few minutes past 11 already,
I checked my watch too regularly so as to distract my eyes.
They were fixated on her, sitting across from me,
I wonder where Jake went and when he’d come back.
To prevent my body from following the script in my head.
My impromptu guest must have noticed by now the unsteadiness in my voice,
The weighty gaze my lids have formed, the awkward silence that cued the watch stare.
This bed felt a little too small and I felt I needed to run somewhere…anywhere,
But her body was inviting and she knew it, I could see it in how she pursed her lips.
As she spoke my name; William. She has the habit to start every line with it.
William, so how’s that your girlfriend? Jenny was it?
All I could hear was the sound of the ocean raging against my chest.
William? So are we going to sit here quiet all day until Jake shows up,
The words had barely left her supple lips when I heard it.
She started to undo her denim pants unnaturally riddled with metal buttons.
I heard myself call for help under my breath,
Finally finding my voice I asked; err Angie, what are you doing there?
She smiles and stares straight into my eyes undressing my face of any composure,

I knew I had set myself for witty reply, she was good with those.


I’m regretting wearing this damned thing today of all days, can you help me with it?
I was going to answer I swear but then the phone rang…it was Jake.
I couldn’t pay enough attention as Angie kept relieving herself of her tightly fitting jeans,
And failing…I started to grow concerned and started mentally soliciting for better measurements for thick people.
Just then Jake’s voice shook me from my placard carrying daydream,
Nigga, are you seeing this? I said yes without thinking.
So the rains have started over there too? Shit! did you bring my clothes in before it started this time?
I realized he wasn’t referring Angie’s now exposed creme thighs and lavender lace panties,
So I replied as hastily and vague as I could Yes, yes and yes.
That’s a good roommate, he said and chuckled
With all this damned rain, I wonder if my sister there yet
You mean Angie?
No, I mean my sister, meat head
I turned round again to make sure we were talking about the same thing this time
It was almost 12 and it thundered from a distance and started to rain, mercilessly,
I was trapped. She kept smiling. I gulped again…


to be continued…



I remember the smell of the flowers in Melisa’s garden on my way to soccer practice on the weekends. She cared more for her roses, she would water and sing to them. She would respond with a grin and a wave when she noticed I’ve been standing long enough to hum along. I had hoped to walk past her garden today and participate in our weird ritual after months away on school. It smelled different today; no song. The bed of roses almost distracted me from the inscription on the tombstone behind it. Here lies Melisa, She loved her roses.


Conversations with you
Are a time anomaly
As I proceed to talk
About my future with
My future.
Dates with you
Are a time anomaly
As I live in the past
With my present but
With my future.
Meals with you
Are a time anomaly
As I proceed to eat
A meal made by a meal.
Being with you
Is a time anomaly
As I feel the love I
Dreamt of and yet I feel
Like I still was in a dream
You and I
Are a time anomaly
As we sit in this diner
With souls born in eden
Bound for heaven and living
In bodies moving in time.

The Whisper

These days, I listen
Ears close to the walls
In hopes I’ll hear the
Conversations it has heard
Memories of us laughing
And talking about what could be.
I press my face against the pillows
Let the sheets caress my skin
Hoping the memory foam
Kept some of you.
I wish for anything
To remind me of the future
We build in times past
I sit still, silent and staring
At the phone hoping you’d call.
The voice messages I deleted
Now haunt me
I sit by the window to watch the birds
They don’t even sing anymore
And sometimes, they don’t even perch
Like me, they quietly listen
For a whisper.

The Runner

My feet hurt, from the chase
I walked a mile in the shoes
Of a stranger.
A routine that leaves me
Worse for wear, a madman
Chasing the wind.
My soul hurts, don’t you see
That I run the risk of losing
Myself in gaining you?
Or would you let me run?
Into your arms or
Out of luck
Before you realise
My heart bleeds, from the hurt.
I loved a multitude and only got
Disdain in return
And that’s why I run.

What’s life without problems? — As Told By Silia

They’re endless my problems, like a set of matryoshka dolls. I keep complaining in my head, but this is the life I chose, this is exactly what you get when you leave behind your place of comfort… paddling for the horizons… searching for purpose. After all is said and done, I’m proud of who I’ve […]

via What’s life without problems? — As Told By Silia

Dancing with the Stars

It’s night when the constellations sprint across the dark,

When blue mixes in with pitch and make midnight blues,

The few times I get to be part of a dance,

The dance of the night when the sun races the earth to dawn.


It’s the night of wonder, would you like to see?

When the seas lay still and rampage the shores without warning,

Wolves howls in their packs and resound the hollow of the night,

And I have left my house to join the sun in the race to dawn.


There’s never been enough night,

Not since the day I was born, not since the skies poured,

Clouds shielding the dotted map tapestry,

Never enough night to beat the sun in the race to dawn.


It’s night and the candle burns low,

The sheets of galaxies light up with the flaming balls,

Slowly swirling round and round,

Each page racing the suns to the dawn.


It’s night and the earth ditches the sun for it’s cold lover,

A ball of ice giving life to magical runes,

Hand in hand, the earth and the moon and the tide dance and swirl and crash and fall,

All in a bid to beat the sun to the dawn.


It’s the eve of the day I was born,

The sun finally let’s the earth skirt around it,

Like a healer dancing around a fire.

And when the dance would have finished, it would be morning and I’d have seen another dawn.



I was meat for the flies,

But had nothing to eat.

The blood had drained from my eyes,

Once a flower with beauty, I’d begun to wilt.

The scraps from your dumpster were my meals,

My body sore from the harshness of the air.

The universe must love you, you don’t know how it feels,

With every passing breath, I curse a life so unfair.

No roof over my head but a hateful sky,

No clothes on my back to keep the cold away.

The tears washing down my face aren’t the ones you cry,

You want for nothing; my empty bowl doesn’t move you to help me in anyway.

You have meat on your table,

You want for nothing, I’m a spectacle for you to laugh at.

You’d even feed on my body if you were able,

You pass by my spot, watching as I wear away and you grow fat.


They Came.

I still hear her screamsAs she was taken from my

Arms forcibly separating 

Us forever. 


I wanted to save her but

I remember being unable to move 

Any part of my body instead 

I laid there weeping. 
I  remember the looks on their 

Faces as they hit me with whatever 

They could get their hands on

As I struggled for escape.
I still hear the laughter and 

How they taunted me with 

Chopped up parts of my husband 

Who tried to defend us.
I cringe daily when I look 

In the mirror and see the scars 

They left behind as they 

Had their way with me.
Daily as I bathe I unknowingly 

Detail my skin and rekindle memories 

Etched on them by those

That came in the night. 
I pray for closure 

For cessation of the torment 

From the demons that now

Lived in my shadow. 
But it never works. 

I’m forced to relive it whenever 

I close my eyes

And search for escape. 
My hands lifeless beside me 

I willed them to move to no avail

As my daughter was torn from my 

Bosom by death’s grip.
My eyes search the room for

Any kind of help, any chance of salvation 

From the slow descent but the lifeless 

Eyes of Tunde stare back at me.
I can hear him scolding me

Hating me for letting these people in

At this ungodly hour into my head

Into our home. 
I can still hear her crying

As if to say ‘Mother, help me’

Her toddler wails torment

Fading as she’s carried away.
I remember laying there

With a knife next to me

And feeling a chill from 

The pool of blood I was laying in.
The chill slowly evening out 

All over my body and I could feel

My limbs again so I stood up

And got a good look at the mess.
The disturbed mosaic of limb 

Gut and blood they made me make

And I let them, I thought they meant well

When they moved in. Into my head.
I still hear her screams 

Even though they promised it 

Would stop, it hasn’t. 

It never will. 

Coffee Break

You have laid waste To all of my defenses 

With that stare i never 

Prepare enough for. 
Against my good judgment

I lower the gates

Let you walk across the

Moat to sack my heart.
You have made mockery 

Of my walls built high and wide

With only but a smile 

Warm and inviting. 
Without reason 

I throw you a rope and

Hoist you over praying you 

Only fall into my arms. 
You have spoiled my storehouses 

Of pain and suffering 

With kisses from your lips 

Supple and full.
Like a man drunk on ale

I give you the keys to my past

Leading you through the 

Labyrinth I live in. 
You have become ruler 

Of my city, love of my life 

And all you said was 

The bricks from my castles

No longer kept us apart 

Instead they made for us 

A stairway to ‎eden.