They Came.

I still hear her screamsAs she was taken from my Arms forcibly separating  Us forever.    I wanted to save her but I remember being unable to move  Any part of my body instead  I laid there weeping.  I  remember the looks on their  Faces as they hit me with whatever  They could get their […]

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Coffee Break

You have laid waste To all of my defenses  With that stare i never  Prepare enough for.  Against my good judgment I lower the gates Let you walk across the Moat to sack my heart. You have made mockery  Of my walls built high and wide With only but a smile  Warm and inviting.  Without reason  […]

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I don’t want to dieI’m scared to shut my eyes that long I don’t know if there’s anything  For a soul unsure of its source  I wish for more days To reflect on the time I’ve wasted  To pick up the pieces of broken promises I’ve made to myself  I don’t want to leave  Not […]

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Amazing Grace

Peace; Sweet Dreams and Lazy kisses Have been my prescription Peace is elusive  I’ve been told  So I didn’t search  It found me‎ And made sure I saw her coming.  Salvation; Tight embraces and slow carreses Have‎ kept my terrors at bay I was over A barnacle on the decks of a sunken ship Others […]

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Foreign Mistress 

For the lady withThe eyes Deep and kind And made of wonder Her’s is a soul  Of a billion stars Exploding all at once  As she smiles  To write of her Skin is to detail  Kilometers of chocolate  Layered and beautiful  The sun sets And her smile lights up  And replaces with  A glow far […]

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Within my chestI feel you I hear your heart beat You are my unrest  I sleep knowing  That you’re always with me In me My inevitable destiny Beauty beneath my skin Unravelling as time kisses my lips  Like the butterfly  All I have to do is sleep in Unmask yourself Why hide in my shadow? […]

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It took an eternity  To find the courage I now try to instill  In you. I know I sound crazy Asking you to take my hand And walk across the past You so fear.  But I been here too Exactly where you are And trust me when I say I’ll not let go. Don’t look […]

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Dancing off the Edge 

​I kissed her and she kissed me But my lips wanted more She was content with the now but My hands lingered past their limits. The world around me irrelevant  Only the sound of her breathing  That was my motive, My music. Thoughts I’d harboured laid out in  Kisses and more kisses on the Places […]

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Pink Lace

​I kissed her, and it tasted like sin Warm, wet and innocent Her face had lost the grin It had been sporting before our happy incident She led us here, but I just wanted lunch She was buying, and now I see what her smirk meant I won’t be needing the scone, she had a […]

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